Binks Spray Gun Extensions, No Where is Out of Reach

Binks Spray Gun Extensions, No Where is Out of Reach

Published by Jeremy Agosta on Sep 21st 2020

The line of Binks spray gun extensions allow users to hit all of the most challenging places on projects. This use case can be anything from the inside of pipes, to giving simply giving users a little more reach. Each of the extensions offered have their own advantages, such as length, angle or spray pattern.

The C Style extension can be used to coat inside pipes with 2” to 24” diameter and have a standard 360° spray pattern. This pattern can be changed when ordered to a forward angle, right angle, reverse angle or forward angle with forward spray. The C Style extension fits through ¾” clearance holes and is best suited for thin/medium to medium/heavy viscosity materials.

The SC Style is similar to the C Style but offers the ability to coat 3/4" to 12" pipes. However, it is only available in a 360° spray pattern and fits through clearings as small as 3/8”. This extension works best with medium viscosity materials.

Like the C Style, the HC Style extension is available in the same four tip setups. The HC Style extension can coat the inside of pipes with a diameter between 2” and 24”. It fits through ¾” holes and works best with medium to heavy viscosity materials.

Available with a 360° tip, forward angle tip and right-angle tip, the HCVT Style extension coats pipes 3” to 24” in diameter while fitting through 1-1/8” clearance hole. This extension comes with a tungsten carbide nozzle assembly specifically for abrasive materials.

For fine atomization, the SCMBX Style extension can spray pipes ¾” to 12” in a 360° pattern. It fits through 3/8” and larger clearance holes and is best suited for medium viscosity materials.

Looking for something else?

For those even more awkward to reach places, Binks offers the Conventional Extension. This extension is a tip that allows users to connect a 5/16” ID fluid hose that fits 1” clearance holes and works best with medium viscosity materials. Hose length is selected by customers and is sold separately. The other conventional spray extension from Binks is a non-flexible 360 ° manifold for coating pipes 4” to 24”.

Some guns, like the Mach series, Airless 1, and Airless 75 have their own extensions.

In addition, this line Binks spray gun extensions offers the EA, EAX, SA, EN, ENX, ERX, EB and EBX Style extensions with diverse spray angles, lengths, features and use cases. For more information, check out the dedicated page in our store.