Jaguar 300H Fine Finish Spray Gun

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The Jaguar 300H is a fine finish HVLP air spray gun for achieving the ultimate in fine atomization. Designed for production use, the J300 HVLP is perfect for wood, automotive or any fine finish application. This gun offers the user a self adjusting needle, packing, air adjusting valve, lightweight and rugged construction. The Jaguar guns come standard with all stainless steel fluid passages and incorporate our 12-point plenum design. This patented design delivers smaller, more uniform material particles providing for an even, flat finish. This gun complies with all environmental regulations for HVLP. 

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m) 
Fluid Inlet - 16mm x 1.5mm (m) 
Weight - 20 oz. 
Requires 13.5 CFM @ 45 PSI 

Part Sheet: Jaguar 300H (J300H) 
Sales Sheet: Jaguar 300H (J300H)

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