Binks Spray Gun Extension Style "SCMBX"


  • Fine atomization extension for spraying the inside of 3/4" to 12" pipe.
  • Needs to be pressure fed from a pressure tank, pump or pressure cup.
  • 360 degree spray pattern
  • Fits through a 3/8" clearance hole.
  • Best suited for thin to medium viscosity materials.
  • Long needle shuts material off at the tip.
  • Usable length of extension is approximately 1-1/2" shorter that extension length.

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2100, 2001, 2101 95 95A, 95AR 21
9" 52-1095MBX 52-3849MBX 52-4231MBX  52-1107MBX
12" 52-1096MBX 52-3850MBX 52-4232MBX 52-1108MBX 
15" 52-1097MBX 52-3851MBX 52-4233MBX 52-1109MBX 
18" 52-1098MBX 52-3852MBX 52-4234MBX 52-1110MBX 
21" 52-1099MBX 52-3853MBX 52-4235MBX 52-1111MBX 
27" 52-1100MBX 52-3854MBX 52-4236MBX 52-1112MBX 
33" 52-1101MBX 52-3855MBX 52-4237MBX 52-1113MBX 
39" 52-1102MBX 52-3856MBX 52-4238MBX 52-1114MBX 
51" 52-1103MBX 52-3857MBX 52-4239MBX 52-1115MBX 
63" 52-1104MBX 52-3858MBX 52-4240MBX 52-1116MBX 
75" 52-1105MBX 52-3859MBX 52-4241MBX 52-1117MBX 
87" 52-1106MBX 52-3860MBX 52-4242MBX 52-1118MBX 

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