Jaguar SLP HVLP Spray Gun

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The Jaguar SLP is a fine finish gravity feed gun for automotive and wood finishing. Features include stainless steel fluid passages & superfine atomization achieved with the patented 12-point atomization. Smoke like atomization allows for producing excellent blending and gloss. The JSLP requires only 29 psi inlet pressure to achieve 10 psi at the nozzle. This gun complies with all environmental regulations for HVLP. 

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m) 
Fluid Inlet - 16mm x 1.5mm (m) 
Weight - 20 oz. 
Requires 13.5 CFM @ 29 PSI 
Available in a CAT Pack or E-Pack 

Part Sheet: Jaguar SLP (JSLP) 
Sales Sheet: Jaguar SLP (JSLP)