Disinfectant Spray Systems

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Spray systems are the fastest and most efficient way to distribute disinfectant solutions over a large area. Our pre-assembled and ready-to-spray disinfectant systems ship within a couple of days and are ready to use outside the box.  

Please take note of the following safety precautions when using these units:


  • Always wear the necessary personal protective equipment (“PPE”, see safety data sheet of the device: gloves, goggles and mask)
  • Never point the fluid stream at people or animals - there is a risk of injury
  • Thoroughly read the operating instructions of the machine as well as the safety data sheet of the material and follow the instructions contained therein
  • Do not spray any electrical devices and equipment
  • When using flammable liquids, the machine must be operated outside the room where the spraying occurs (danger zone = 5 m distance from the application area)
  • If flammable disinfectants are used, sufficient ventilation must be ensured. Furthermore, no warm or hot surfaces are to be disinfected. If possible, electrical systems should be switched off and light switch operations prevented. There is a risk of explosion!