Lynx 100C x 1590 Waterborne Glue Gun

The Lynx 100C setup with the 1590 is designed for waterborne glue/adhesives applications. The special air cap and fluid nozzle for this model are designed to prevent product shearing. This gun features a self-adjusting needle and air valve packing, air adjusting valve, lightweight and rugged construction. The Lynx gun comes standard with all stainless steel fluid passages. 

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m) 
Fluid Inlet - 3/8 NPS (m) 
Weight - 20 oz. 
Requires 12.5 CFM 

Part Sheet: Lynx 100C x 1590 (L100Cx1590) 
Sales Sheet: Lynx 100C x 1590 (L100Cx1590)

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