AG-361E Ceramics & Enamel Automatic Gun

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Gun Dimensions of AG-361E (Lx H x W) mm: 140 x 67 (inc valves) x 44
AG-361E Weight: 668 g (inc air cap)
Max Air Input Pressure (P1): 7 bar
Max Fluid Input Pressure (P2): 7 bar
Max Operating Ambient Temperature: 40°C nominal
Gun Head & Fluid Passageways: Stainless Steel
Gun Body Material: QuickClean™ coated Aluminium
Manifold Material: Stainless Steel
Fluid Nozzle & Needle Materials: 303 Stainless Steel, Nitride coated Stainless Steel,
Tungsten carbide
Seals & O Rings: HDPE, FEPM, PTFE, FFKM

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