Bobcat Automatic Air Assist Airless

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The new auto BOBCAT AAA has all stainless steel wetted areas, great for woodworking and metal finishing. It encompasses a new revolutionary needle design that simplifies maintenance and cleaning. Each gun is packaged with the ability to be used in circulating or non-circulating systems. The gun circulates very close to the tip to minimize material settling. The auto BOBCAT is designed for being a direct replacement for existing competitors guns with virtually no changes in mounting block or hardware.

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet - 1/4" NPS (m)
Weight - 20 oz.
Requires 6 CFM

Part Sheet: Automcatic Bobcat
Sales Sheet: AAA Line
Sales Sheet: C.A.Technologies AAA Kremlin™ Tip Conversion List

How to Choose a Tip Size
The 3 digit tip number denotes the orifice size & spray angle. The 1st number is the spray angle and the last 2 numbers are the orifice size.

For Example: "

  • "409" Tip has a 40 degree spray angle and a 0.009 orifice size
  • "615"  Tip has a 60 degree spray angle and a 0.015 orifice size
  • "213" Tip has a 20 degree spray angle and a 0.013 orifice size
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