Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Tank (Stainless Steel, Non-Agitated, 2 Regulators) (183S-520)

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Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Tank, Stainless Steel, Non-Agitated, 2 Regulators 

The Binks 183S-520 pressure pot is 5 gallons & features a stainless steel construction. This is appropriate for solvent based materials and is ASME rated. Disposable liners are available for easy cleaning.

 The following setups are available for Binks 5 gallon pressure tanks:

183S-500 – No regulator, no agitation 
183S-510 – Single regulator, no agitation 
183S-513 – Single regulator, gear reduced agitator
183S-520 - Dual regulator, no agitation (current unit)
183S-523 - Dual regulator, gear reduced agitator 
183S-530 - Single regulator (high precision), no agitation
183S-533 - Single regulator (high precision), gear reduced agitator
183S-540 - Dual regulator (high precision), no agitation 
183S-543 - Dual regulator (high precision), gear reduced agitator 

• Binks A.S.M.E. code tanks meet OSHA regulations when using flammable and combustible materials 
• Constructed from heavy gauge steel with forged steel clamps
• Higher pressure rating for heavier materials
• Range offers complete material handling suitability for solvent and waterborne coatings
• Inner liners reduce cleaning time and save coating material

Binks pressure feed containers are used to allow the coating material to be prepared, thinned and conditioned, constantly agitated (if required) and then supplied in bulk to consistently maintain the correct spraying viscosity and pressure.

The Binks range is equipped with easy to operate air regulators (to set the desired fluid outlet pressure), safety pressure relief valves and manual, rotary or oscillating agitation types are available to provide the best quality agitation.

Binks Pressure Feed Containers are constructed from the highest-grade materials and fully comply with global pressure regulations including PED, ATEX and ASME.

Galvanized Pressure Tanks

Galvanized steel tanks are primarily used with non-corrosive materials. Constructed with a heavy pressed steel lid and forged steel clamps, galvanized tanks are equipped with top outlet and bottom outlet plug, which can be adapted for bottom outlet. The bottom outlet is recommended for heavy, viscous materials such as emulsified asphalts, cutback asphalts, rubber compounds, etc.

Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks

Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks are suitable for virtually all fluids and solvents. They are ASME certified and permanently labeled for 110 PSIG maximum working pressure. Tanks and lids are constructed of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel and are also electro polished. All models are equipped with top outlet and bottom outlet plug, which can be adapted for bottom outlet. Additionally, these tanks are fitted with 100% stainless steel non-corrosive and non-corroding wetted parts.


Extra Information

Tank Type:
Stainless Steel
Max Output Pressure:
110 psi
Air Inlet:
1/4″ NPT
Fluid Outlet:
3/8″ NPT
5 Gallons
Inside Diameter:
Overall Height:
30 5/16"
Overall Width:
18 1/2"
Fits 5 Gallon Buckets