Panther 100H HVLP 1.4 X 1093

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  • Spray Gun Maintenance Kit


The PANTHER 100H is an industrial general purpose low CFM HVLP air spray gun. The P100H is unique in that it offers a wide range of nozzles that will function with small compressors (2 HP) to spray dyes, stains, topcoats and primers. Other Air nozzles are available for breaking up high solid materials. Stainless steel fluid passages, lightweight and rugged construction and its Teflon coating make the P100H a great gun for onsite or production applications. 

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m) 
Fluid Inlet - 3/8 NPS (m) 
Weight - 20 oz. 
Teflon hard coated body 
CFM is dependant on Air Cap 

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