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The Techline TJR is an economically priced gravity feed mini gun for use with a range of coatings from top coats to stains. This is great for all your touch-up needs. Comes standard with with a 250cc aluminum and 250cc plastic cup. Also included are 2 extra nozzle kits. This gun complies with all environmental regulations for HVLP. 

The Deluxe TJR. kit from CAT is intended to give finishers the best of both worlds by including the regular air cap for all your touch up needs and the special round air cap specifically designed for shading and other specialty applications. Also included in the kit are the 1.0 and 1.2 needle and nozzle setups. 

The Glaze TJR. kit from CAT is intended to give finishers the option of being able to spray their glaze on the surface-great for shading or lay a bead of material with precision. The New Glaze nozzle works without air and simply allows you to lay the smallest bead of material on your surface great for placing the glaze in raised door panels or special projects. 

Air Inlet - 1/4” NPS (m) 
Fluid Inlet - 16mm x 1.0mm (m) 
Weight - 15 oz. 
Requires 4 CFM 

Part Sheet: Techline JR (TJR) 
Sales Sheet: Techline JR (TJR)