CET Complete Portable Spray System Special

CET Complete Portable Spray System Special

Published by Jorge Flores on May 31st 2019

Summer time means warm weather, blue skies, and summer projects am I right? Well here at CET it at least means system specials for our favorite customers. We've put together a nice portable spray system built around industrial grade equipment which means it will perform and exceed expectations whether you are on the shop floor, a large manufacturing facility, or in your backyard. The best part about this turnkey system is it's consumer level price. Here is what is included in the CET Summer System Special. 

  • World Class PILOT spray gun (PILOT Trend-MP) - Engineered & manufactured in Germany
  • Lightweight & portable 2 Qt pressure cup - Built in the Unites States
  • 15-foot air & material hose kit

Everything you need for a quick turnkey system that you can use anywhere for just about any need, all for $450.

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