The CA Tech HVLP Lynx Spray Gun has Something for Everyone

The CA Tech HVLP Lynx Spray Gun has Something for Everyone

Published by Jeremy Agosta on Aug 24, 2020

This HVLP spray gun line includes general purpose, corrosion control and fine finish variants – each packed with features and a high-quality build. All for one low price.

Easy to clean - Stainless steel fluid passages

Easy to use - Lightweight and rugged construction

The Lynx 100H has a wide range of nozzles, making it perfect for sprayers working with dyes, stains, topcoats, primers and even high solid materials. For people working with small compressors, the Lynx 100H is a great choice, functioning on compressors as small as 2 HP.

This model is also available in a Smart Pack, including the L100H, 3 needle/nozzle setups (.8, 1.3, 1.7), 2 air caps, tools and case.

Like the other spray guns in this line, the corrosion control Lynx 200H complies with all HVLP environmental regulations, while this model thrives in harsh environments. The L200H is especially well equipped, featuring an air adjusting valve, self-adjusting needle and air valve packing.

Rounding out the line is the Lynx 300H fine finish spray gun. This gun comes standard with the same features as the rest of the line, including a self-adjusting needle, packing, air adjusting valve. Finally, it doesn’t compromise on CA Tech’s lightweight and rugged construction.

The Lynx 300H uses CA Tech’s patented 12-point plenum design, allowing the gun to deliver smaller, more uniform particles. If the goal is to provide a stunningly even, flat finish, the 3000H is the way to go. The L300H is designed for production use and is the best choice for fine atomization.

Each of these guns are available at a low price with quick shipping at